Kickboxing Classes

Want to LOSE BODY FAT, TONE MUSCLES, RELIEVE STRESS and have fun while doing it?
Experience the life changing effects of CKO Kickboxing - Lindenhurst.

CKO Kickboxing is the #1 Fat Burning Kickboxing Workout, with up to 1,200 calories burned during a 1 hr class.

At CKO Kickboxing in Lindenhurst, you will be BURNING FAT and TONING UP by punching and kicking a REAL HANGING HEAVY BAG. The resistance from hitting a hanging bag burns more calories and tones your muscles up faster than if you were just punching and kicking the air.

We keep the punches and kicks basic to focus on the fitness aspect of the workout rather than the martial art itself.

Since the class is for both beginners and advanced members, it is geared for each member to go at your own pace and build up your pace each class.

Unlike the fitness kickboxing classes offered at other gyms where all you hit is air or bags on stands on the floor, CKO Kickboxing uses REAL HEAVY BAGS to give you REAL RESULTS.

The kickboxing program at CKO Kickboxing - Lindenhurst is designed to give you quick results in a super-charged atmosphere.

If your're tired of the same old boring workout routine, you owe it to your body to start off on a new kick.

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Are you ready for changes?